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Fully automated robot that builds a home on an unknown asteroid

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To the wonderful developers

In the reviews for Spaced Out! on Steam, there were some reviews that cited the trouble of creating a colony from scratch every time they went to a new asteroid as a reason for the low ratings.

I've only just flown a rocket to the nearest asteroid, but I'm already sympathetic to those reviews. I think a fully automatic robot that creates houses is necessary to reduce the repetition of the same tasks for players.

The player first drops a robot onto an unknown asteroid and instructs it to create a home in a designated location. The robot will then begin to gather the necessary resources, plants, and animals to fully automatically create a home that will be as self-sufficient as possible for one Duplicant.

The home has oxygen, a food source (grown plants or farmed animals), electricity, a refrigerator, a bed, and a toilet. Electricity is the worst, it may be a human-powered generator. The worst food sources might be a microbial grinder, a storage container of dirt, and a bottle of water.

If there is something missing to build a house, the robot will specifically present it to the player, and the player will drop the resources with a rocket.

It would be ideal if you could create a perfectly stable home, but it would be better if you could create a home where the Duplicant can survive for a while. If you drop multiple robots, the house will be completed faster.

While the robot is building a home, the player can do other tasks without worrying about the asteroid. It's so comfortable just imagining it.

This proposal is the same as the AI player proposed earlier. The presence of AI robots and AI players that autonomously create colonies other than the players makes the game more interesting and comfortable.

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