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AI player that makes ONI dramatically more interesting

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To the great developer

This game is definitely fun, but it gets boring once colony becomes stable. I think this is the fate of colony management games.

In order to enjoy the game for a longer period of time, we need [an uncertain element that is difficult to control to destabilize the colony].

The best idea is to have multiple AI-controlled players on the same asteroid. They start out at the same time, just like the player, with one manufacturing pod and three human clones.

AI players neither cooperate nor oppose the player, they only work toward their own goals.

It is a type of multiplayer, but by having AI players instead of humans, the complexity of game development can be greatly reduced.

Settlers controlled by AI players pose a threat to the stability of the player's colony, but can also be beneficial, allowing them to trade resources and negotiate land ownership. You will also feel less lonely on the asteroid. It is better not to be able to attack each other or destroy equipment.

Players can choose the number of AI players to be present on the asteroid at the start of the game. If there were AI players of various types, such as farming types, space-seeking types, and minimalists, the game would become even more diverse.

Don't need an AI player? Of course, you can also set the AI player to zero.

I'd like to see it come through DLC or a sequel.

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Initially, the AI player only controls Duplicants, but it would be great if it could be further developed and control "aliens with a culture and civilization different from the Duplicants".

Meeting and building relationships with aliens, I think that is the greatest content in ONI's universe.

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Beginner players can learn how the game works by watching what the AI player-controlled Duplicant is doing. In other words, it becomes a tutorial.

To achieve this, at least one AI player's print pod must be visible from the player's print pod at the start of the game.

AI players may also be able to satisfy people who enjoy watching other people's gameplay.

*I am not writing the ideas separately. I just add to it when I think of it.

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