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Where is the new quality of life update in console?

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So ive been playing in Xbox Series S lately, and i noticed there's nothing about the update here yet (for example, campfires dont yield charcoal after reaching the max fire level) 

And whats worse above all, theres a MAYOR BUG that kicks you out of the game in to the dashboard when trying to load a Hamlet world, it happened TWICE to me and the mayor coincidences between the worlds i lost where that it happened after i moved the Aporkalypse calendar to avoid it from happening. 

The only way to get back to your world is through the Skyworthy, take everything that you can and leave, if you save and quit in the Hamlet world it glitches again and doesn't let you back anymore, also if you came back from there and return once more to Hamlet the bug happens yet again in the loading screen and kicks you out to the dashboard, so you can only revisit your Hamlet world once to get some of your stuff and effort back, at the risk of losing a RoG or a Shipwrecked world or both. 


Devs, please fix this MAYOR ISSUE. 

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They are still working on it.

On 9/5/2023 at 2:53 PM, DiogoW said:

Hello @Starman7408 and @keats95

We are working on it! Some things needed to be updated first so we can port the changes to consoles.

We don't have an estimated release date for the update on consoles, but we appreciate your patience.

Devs have said that the 2023 Mega Update is still on the way for consoles, but it's taking a while to convert. I would check the bug reporting threads/original update post to see if yours has already been fixed. Patience, my survivors! I can't wait to jump in to a console run either!


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