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skin for dreadstone helmet and armor!

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The reason why i give this idea is......they are too ugly, to some extent, well at least not looking nice. The helmet looks just like a stone on the top of my head (and i know it was made on purpose). But, since it is not easy to get it, every warrior who fought Nightmare Werepig wants his reward strong, and good-looking. Especialy for those who use them most of the time(like Maxwell and Wanda).

A nice skin inspire people to want to use this item. Like since i get the skin of flower umbrella, sometimes i do craft it just because it looks beautiful, even though it is almost of no use. And as a Maxwell player, for the same reason i prefer night armor rather than dreadstone equipment, but the latter definitely works better! So i suggest skins for dreadstone helmet and armor.

By the way "dread" reminds me of "The Dark Middle Ages", So...... i would like the new skin looks more "Middle Ages"(sorry for some reason i cant upload a picture). But whatever, as long as it looks good.


like this...

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