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controller lazy explorer/wortox and Starcallers suggestion

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So for telepoofing/wortox jumps and starcallers, you press -



And a small indicating circle informs you of where you telwpoof/warp to

I think a decent suggestion would be that holding the button would allow for the player to move the circle around with the left analog stick. When they player releases, the action would proceed. Simply clicking O/B would make the items function as they do now, poofing/warping you to the default spacing

This would come at the cost of movement during but I beleive it would vastly improve these Items on controller

Edit: I just relized something similer could be added to Weather pain when trying to choose a target. Yeah same idea, just that the reticle latches on to whatevers closest to where you targeted? I guess

Edit Edit:

Didnt wanna make another post but yeah, have this apply to fishing too lol. Frusterating you gotta back up 5 tiles to fish if the shoals next to the shore and you have a moose goose feather thingy attached

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