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feature to undo world regen

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sometimes you accidentally regenerate a world instead of rollbacking or other accidents can happen

i think it would be cool if rollback saves wouldn't disappear when you regenerated the world so it could be undone, or just have its own feature to rollback fromĀ 

alternatively, it would be nice if the regenerate world feature in the player list tab required you to hold down the confirm button for a few seconds, or just ask if you're sure an extra time or two, so players have time to think before accidentally regenerating their world instead of rollbacking

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it'd be helpful if the interface was different or there was an extra confirmation or something to cut down on cases of people clicking through the existing confirmation dialog without actually reading it until it's too late (since rollbacks and regenerations both have an "are you sure" dialog as it is, but they're quite similar-looking). An undo option would also be nice to have, but maybe more laborious to code; it might have to split manual regenerations off from the function that regenerates your world when everyone's dead and the revival timer expires.

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