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I think that we need Lava Caves in DST, we have them in the world genorations (not settings or anything but that loading screne when you regen world). And if it were to be added i think there should be things that would allow us to crate newer Shadow aligned items since that the next update is about moon aligned things, so in the next next update it would make sense that Klei added Shadow aligned things.

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On 10/11/2023 at 9:29 PM, chaosmonkey said:

Lava biome in caves sounds awesome!

Yes it does but we dont know if they will add it, and even if they do if they will make it a biom in the caves or the one that in the shipwreck dlc or like how dont starve (not dont starve together) has layer to caves (idk if it still has gotten updated).

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