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Spacefarer module integrity

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There is a lot of exploits in this game and im fine with most of them but melting rocket walls and living in dimensional pocket is just to much. Game should check for integrity of the walls, if anything is missing whole rocket explodes leaving corium debris and heavily injured dups on landing pad.

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I would say this exploit seems pretty micro intensive to achieve and if you can manage it - good for you.

It's not something a player can do by accident and I don't think anyone gets hurt if somebody achieves it, so let it be

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This exploit breaks whole space travel aspect of the game, when you can have mini flying base sustainable for hundreds of cycles. I understand its not easy to achive but it doesnt change the fact it breaks part of your game.

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Yes, I understand. I saw FJ doing crazy things with that.

But even if it breaks part of someone's game by making it easier, how does that affect you? It doesn't. You don't like it, you don't use it. Someone hates rocketry and is willing to do crazy thermal things just to avoid it - just allow them having their fun. 

You could use the same argument about modding - some mods make the game too easy, break it and erase whole challenge from it. Should Klei do something about it?

I don't use this exploit, but if someone wants to I have no problem with them making traveling research reactor in their games. But I wouldn't like Klei to invest their time and effort to prevent it - it would add nothing to my games and it would cost something else they could do during this time.

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I don't like doing the exploit. So I do not perform the extremely precise and intentional circumstances that require it to happen. It is an exploit that harms nobody because everybody who does not like it can simply ignore it, it is something you simply cannot do without meaning to

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I've said this before but rockets should explode if compromised. As an actual game mechanic. You messed up, and repercussions have been delt out. Different from say melting your starting printing pod so you can move it.

It is also a solo game though. So it's not hurting anyone else. An with the mods out there would it matter? To each his own sorta deal.

Then again that's obviously not as intended, an it can look bad for a game when it's full of bugs and exploits. Exploits more for multiplayer games. And now I know it's off center so there's that as well...

I wish the co2 pocket crashes and the atmosuit breathing was fixed personally. The co2 mainly cause I had an idea with a fountain that only causes problems because the co2 - 1 tile water interaction issue. And the suit issue because once you know it exists, it can remove a large part of the survival mechanic very easily. You may not even notice it if you don't remove them during space travel.



I've wanted to suggest using the idea of interior rockets for the rocket modules. But that would waste some of the current system.

Being able to expand the rockets interior and having to build the systems from scratch for a larger rocket. Different types with different features in or as the walls. Such as glass for large interior windows. 

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