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I know that it's pretty late in the game creation, so requesting added features to the game seems pretty rude or ridiculous, but I think it would nice to have the ability to see what skills you've unlocked. Even if it were just a little screen option during the screen where you're choosing the location for the damselfly to go to. You could hover your mouse over the location and on the same area that asks for your frenzy level and weapon swap or something, have the option to see what skills you have unlocked for that location.

I know that at the end of an exploration level up you get to see what new skills you've unlocked but there are many times where I have seen a skill that I've unlocked, but I've never seen it once in any of the rotations that I've played (that honestly made me wonder if I was crazy thinking I imagined that skill) or even a skill will pop up that I completely forgot about and I'm like....oh wow, I had no idea I had a skill like this.

Perhaps since the skills reset every round it shouldn't matter much since you might see it in rotation or not, but I think it would be nice to be able to see what your achievements for skills unlocked as well as just being able to know what skills are available for you when you play that area.

I spent a bit of time looking for somewhere in the game that would let me see the skills I've earned, so if I just missed it, I'd appreciate just knowing where I can see them in future game plays. Thank you again for all the great and hard work that you do! This game is great!

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