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Don't Starve Together Update (Xbox - released September 8, 2023)


  • Added Scrapbook entries for the Red Crown, Brick Flooring, and Gold Flooring.
  • Added the option to select other Curios for Starting Items in the player selection screen for seasonal starting items.
  • Wormwood's summons will no longer spawn Souls for Wortox.
  • Wortox Souls will no longer get wet.
  • Fireflies spawning under Great Tree Trunks will be more permissive when boats are nearby.
  • The Immaculate Lamb Idol will drop charcoal when being fully lit, similarly to fire pits and campfires.
  • Increased visual quality for the Wet Pouch.
  • Improved glasses position during the yawn animation.
  • Added a safeguard for the weaving item UI panel to only get one displayed to prevent accidental multiple weaves


  • Fixed The Lamb having invisible ears, hat, and head.
  • Fixed The Lamb's Reward's eye lock being flipped.
  • Fixed the Red Crown having mismatched colors compared to the other art.
  • Fixed some glasses on characters disappearing when yawning.
  • Fixed Powder Monkeys from getting back into their burnt homes.
  • Fixed other creatures from entering their burning homes when running away.
  • Fixed a crash with the Mighty Gym and disconnecting players.
  • Fixed Wolfgang's Icebell freezing other players when PvP is not enabled.
  • Fixed missing minimap icons for the Lamb Idols.
  • Fixed newly spawned Lunar Rifts from appearing over docks.
  • Fixed Rabbits from being able to walk over water.
  • Fixed Lune Tree Blossoms not having a pickup sound like Petals.
  • Fixed Lune Tree Blossoms being unable to be fed to Beefalo and other things.
  • Fixed a Scrapbook typo for the Lantern.
  • Fixed Wormwood's summons sticking around if Wormwood died during their spawn animation.
  • Fixed Wormwood's summons going away if Wormwood entered a minigame.
  • Fixed Lamb Idols and thrown Torches burning too quickly while under an Umbralla Dome.
  • Fixed Catcoons and Grass Gekkos not sleeping while under an Umbralla Dome.

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