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Weremoose AOE attack hits friendly nightmare creatures

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Seems like an oversight for these two unrelated perks to basically counter each other. The friendly shadow creatures shouldn't be hit by the 3rd moose attack AOE since they will run up to you to do their roar and then all aggro on to you if you're fighting an enemy and smash at the wrong time. Makes the Weremoose Mastery perk seem really bleh given how niche/minor the planar defense is and how the smash attack has about equal dps to animation cancelling.

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Completely agree.

The Weremoose is probably the form that will be insane the most since it will be fighting creatures that have huge insanity auras. As it currently stands, the passive nightmare creature perk is made completely useless since they get aggrod by the moose's ground pound.  To be honest, the passive nightmare creature perk (as currently implemented) isn't that useful because they instantly become aggressive to Woodie after he detransforms.  Since Woodie can't do anything while his detransform animation is playing and the nightmare creatures follow you around, you're looking at taking a bunch of hits immediately after detransforming without any armor.

Suggestion would be to make Nightmare Creatures immune to his ground pound unless aggressive to him and keep them passive a few seconds after he detransforms.

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