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My opinion on the subsequent updates of the DST

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1.I hope to launch a new beefalo called plowing beefalo, which can increase training potential by collecting branches and grass or berries,After training, you can use farming saddles to ride cattle to the field to plow nine pits at a time. This is to solve the cumbersome steps of digging holes one by one for other characters except for the Wormwood.  

2.Add Crab King shells and a new blueprint to the drops of the Crab King. Blueprints can make crab shell boxes.The crab shell box has a capacity of 18 or even 24. The ordinary Crab King increases the drop of the crab shell,you can even defeat the Crab King and drop starfish to make players have the will to fight the king crab more times。  

 3.The skeletons near the Dragon Fly Magma Pool can be destroyed by The Gunpowder.This will make it more convenient for players like me who like to use stone walls to enclose the magma.  

 4.When we use the Deconstruction Staff to decompose the Bone Helm and Bone Armor, we can get a small amount of fossil fragments, otherwise I can't imagine why someone would deconstruct these two pieces of equipment.  

 5.Add a switch to The Lazy Explorer, so that the right mouse button will not transmit to the player when the switch is off, because it is easy for the player to use it carelessly when mounting a beefalo.  

 6.Wearing a Beekeeper Hat to collect honey does not trigger the hatred of bees and the estrous bees have no hatred, but the Killer Bees still have hatred. When wearing the Bee Queen Crown, it will not trigger any bee hatred except active attack.  

 7.Add a storage box to the Birdcage to allowing players to put food in the storage box.  If the bird is hungry, it can eat by itself, so that it doesn't have to worry about the bird when players going out.  

 8.The Bunnyman King can be added to the cave, and players can exchange resources with it, such as exchanging beard for Bunny Puff.  

 9.You can make a Waterlogged as a new BOSS on the sea. After killing, you can get several oceantreenut in the water and a blueprint. After learning the blueprint you can use tree jam as raw material to make a Treeguard ripening agent, making a tree into a Treeguard by yourself. And nearby players will not have hatred when cutting trees.  

10.Nitre can be used to repair the Salt Lick. One piece can be repaired for 25% durabilit

11.Strengthen the Shield of Terror. The strength of this dropped object is too different from the difficulty of the boss, and when we can defeat the Twins of Terror normally, it will no longer be able to use the Shield of Terror

12.Increase the specific effects of various Moonlens, add formulas and blueprints, and increase the effect of Orange Gem

13.Add guidance similar to Crabby Hermit to Moon Quay, such as refreshing the wreckage of pirate ships at sea like bottles of Crabby Hermit , we can search for the map of Monkey Island for the first time, and then finding treasures at sea, or dropping a map to guide the specific location of Monkey Island after killing the pirate captain.

14.We can remove Boulder from the cave to the ground can block the centrance of the cave so we can prevent the formation of bats near the home, but it can also be directly chiseled off

15.Increase the variety of Playbill for Stage, and then interpret more different stories by changing different Playbill to guide different events, such as new Boss, new main storylines, new items, and new props.

16.According to the updated forecast of the Return of Them "Eye of the Storm", we can imagine a Moonlight Torch needs to first absorb the Moonlight Spirit, and then raise the Torch when the moon is full to face the Moonlight God alter, which is to design a task event that must be completed by constantly holding the Torch.

















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