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Empty Conveyor receptacle

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Any idea on how to empty this conveyor receptacle remotely?  I would rather not dig into the cold box if I can't help it.  I ended up sending sulfur to the wrong conveyer loader and it clogged everything up before I noticed.





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I would break the one regular tile under the storage bin and set up an auto sweeper to reach in on the diagonal to drain the bin. Can get the stuff out without losing the hydrogen. I think that should work and not be too annoying / disruptive... might have to temporarily dig up a plant or two for the correct angle (and drain storage bin).

Much riskier but a blob of naptha on that same spot and destroy 2 blocks down should let a dupe in without the gasses getting out. But I have had bad luck with blob locks before so tend to avoid unless I have to.

Good luck!

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