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carrats crafted by wormwood could collect resources for him//he could gain the brumble husk effect pasively//among other things

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I think wormwoods skilltree is defenetly the one that needs the most work, not that it is bad just that it doesnt expand the character in the same manner as woodie´s, wolfgang´s or wilson´s. Half of his perks are practicly perfect, the other half have some room for improvement.


The idea of giving a branch dedicated to interactions with farmplots feels almost necesary for this character, but from all the things he could gain i think the range at which he tends crops with his bloom is very inconsecuential, three points dedicated to save 3 seconds of running around its simply not worth in any scenario, and why would wormwood benefit from spawning faster the lord of the fruit flies ? the only benefit from this boss is the friendly fruit fly that wormwood doesnt benefit from. Killer bees are such a small annoyance that is not even worth a single point on an ability to avoid them.

My proposal is to make wormwood been able to speed up the growth of the plants, getting more crops and seeds from harvest, maybe a way to water crops without watering can, and for the final perk an actual interaction with lord of the fruit flies, maybe he could craft an item with the friendly fruitfly seed, perhaps a staff that generated an area in which farm plots automatically and slowly regen nutrients.

Mushroom mastery:

I can see wormwood having a nice synergy with mushrooms as a result of these perks, but they arent worth nothing when compared to crops, my sugestion, make the final perk of these branch that wormwoods health gets affected by mushrroms.

Also the syrup isnt a bad concept but i think it should be worth 40 manure in 30 seconds to be worth it. Same with the mushroom cloud, it needs bigger range and herd mentality shouldnt be able to awake enemies slept by this ability.

Grass sappling craft:

.....why isnt this a thing ?.....also give tropical berry bush craft please. Other than that the crafts are absolutly amazing

And finally, Lunnar cultivator:

Aside from the fact that saladmanders are unuseable as allys due to the fact they burnt the loot and your base, i dont understand why would you want to craft them ? if you want a dps increase you have a whole branch dedicated to it, same goes with carrats, they dont do anything and there is no reason to craft them. The lightbulbs are very nice they are an infinite light source that gets easily destroyed in combat, seems fitting for this kind of branch.

i think wormwood could have more interesting relationship with other lunnar mobs, carrats harvesting items for him, saladmanders not engagin in combat but serving as a heat source that stays near wormwood, maybe a perk making him pasive to brightshades or hostile lunnar mobs like monster penguls etc.

Also the fact that every character can spawn said mobs with the hollowed nights potion.

On the matter of final affinity perks i think the mentioned recoil dmg as a pasive could be introduced on the lunnar guardian branch, so wormwood has two final branches with three perks each.

This is all the things i have to say regarding wormwoods skilltree, cant wait to see how it develops during the beta. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.

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Carrats do this already, actually!

Although admittedly it's very underwhelming, since they only bring you 1 item per 10 seconds and sometimes they'll grab the same item another carrat just grabbed.

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