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One of the best updates of the year

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i think i ve never been happier with an update since the maxwell rework.

First lets talk about the gear, knowing that characters are going to have exclusive perks associated with these makes me extremly happy, because the brigthshade sword for example will no longer be a worse darksword, it will have an exclusive place on the meta of each character and i found that delightfull.

The new gear finally has uses, complete negation of sanity auras on the body slot, actual charlie counter, the set bonuses now can be used alongside amulets and other body slot items, make it not only incredibly versatile but also worth using.

Dont know about you but the umbralla has become one of my favourite items in the entire game, finally we have an all characters rain counter, i am starting to put chests with 3-4 umbrallas on every boss arena.

In less words i am overjoyed that we have new, powerfull items, that i actually want to farm for and use on a daily basis. And absolutly relieved over the fact that we came back to have a reasonable inventory managment, as there are boss fights that simply couldnt been done wearing the full sets, needing amulets and stuff.

The repair kits are spot on to be honest this effectevly make them so all new items cost one of each resource.

Now about the skilltrees, these are far better that what i ve could have ever imagine. First and most important is that i can totally see that the characters are being buffed for the new content and that is good, the progression that we are getting is looking incredibly good so far.

Not to mention of course the custumization of the characters that is always welcomed.

Of course there are quirks and rough edges that are in need of some polishment and i am sure these will be adressed as this beta develops, but i think it was worth reamarking the goods of these update alone in one post.

Thank you very much for the hard work.

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the biggest hope this update has given me, is the excitement for certain characters i felt still needed more love like winona. Knowing at some point we can get like Winox and Winona become very unique and useful and not just like swap characters is super exciting. I fully agree as well, this is one of the most exciting updates, as it shows tons of potential for the future updates.

in addition to that, im really excited to see more things added to this whole Lunar vs Shadow side adventure that is blossoming. Very Exciting

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