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  1. i hope we can get something like this. they are extremely creative and alot of them i would definitely use my spools on. It would be really neat if klei started accepting community skins so we could get bigger batches of skin cases per update.
  2. TLDR: warly could use losing the mill and seasoning requirement to craft, and could use more space-efficient items for meals. maybe additional use to seasoning powders. i feel his real downsides are unlisted ones. Having to dedicate spots for a variety of different dishes in order to venture out is an issue. With Wigfrid or Wolfgang or any other character, i can bring like 10 perogies, 2 meatballs and maybe like 8 potato puree. With Warly, i can make a bunch of separate dishes to equate to that, but unfortunately, that goes from having 3 recovery items in inventory, to somewhere like 8 items. Not to mention spoilage rates can get pretty fast with flexed dishes like banana pops. i think perhaps an item exclusive to Warly like a tackle box but with refrigeration and only holding dishes or ingredients could help solve this. another unlisted one being having to carry all the portable items (grinder and seasoning) if you actually want to utilize his upsides; basically additional craft stations. Like a parallels would be if wigfrid had to go to station if she wanted to craft her songs, or WX needing to be in a special station etc. It's also kinda lame u cant do interesting stuff with the ground up seasonings other than just add to dish for bonus effect. I would love if you could get super effective salt that works on dishes to restore their freshness too. there used to be other unlisted downsides, but i really feel the Reap Sow update solved a lot of those RNG issues for warly, which was VERY NICE.
  3. the backpack one was very very nice and has been requested something like that exist for a little bit, as the gathering part is a big complaint i've heard from players after spending so long chopping and digging. i definitely enjoy the aspect of leaving behind the shadow puppets. it's like a really fun part of the Gorge, and makes it feel more engaging to be able to multitask rather than just standing and watching, which the players i'm with usually perfer to do rather than joining in the chopping/digging/mining. really hope we get aspects of this mod. the codex being a magic research station maxwell can use to have early access to shadow magic is really great too.
  4. i suppose if that is the case, WX's 150 is a good middle ground for not being good, but not being bad;
  5. just out of curosity, how come the sanity is still at 150? I've always been confused on sanity values on if higher is better or worse; you have wigfried and webber with quite low max values, but then high values with wolfgang; is smaller to mean easier to manage/easier to refill to max; or is it to mean you must watch out for faster sanity drains. why does wolfgang, the guy supposed to be scared all the time and maybe not very bright, have the default(200) high value? im just overall confused if WX (or any character) having higher max sanity suppose to be good or bad without a way to naturally regenerate it. I would imagine higher max is good, as there's that circuit upgrade, but maybe that circuit is justified by it also adding the sanity regeneration.
  6. Was thinking of complaining about the accelerator lvl 2 being too good, but wasnt aware of how WX's old overcharge did give 50% speed. Part of me wishes each accelerator lv2 did only 15% each, or make it so it is 25% but it takes up 3. Perhaps it's fine the way it is, but knowing how speed is in this game, i do feel like it alone is really powerful. The drone circuit and the music box circuit i feel could be a bit better in some way. maybe increase the output but require more slots, as right now, a lot of people dont seem to see any use in it. Not sure if this is a thing or not, but does two music circuits also make enough noise to speak to all nearby planted crops? because that would actually be pretty useful when you want to circuit up for farming or base construct activities; i feel the music box would have more versatility then.