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Possible new woodie craft ideas

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I am thrilled for woodie getting new updates. Here is some ideas i think is worth sharing.

new craft furnitures that regarding woodie's woodily skills

- Beable to upgrade chest: using more material to upgrade chest form 9>12 (double door chest)and also for scale chest to be 12>16
  this might be diffcoult since there is skins regarding to that. might be better just his unique craftes.

- Jewelry cabinet : that is.... some where similar to wickerbottom's bookshelf? but for amulets only. ( no more where is my megi related question anymore)

-Wooden hat pillar : its a pole with some hocks. like irl.  the ideas is it can be place for 4 directions and use Q&E to rotate for examinate what is on it. for wearable hat only. f.e. tamo, gaggles.

(i like the mannequin but its sucks for have only on input of "swap cloth". would be better if i can take one item form it)

-Armory : (this one is bit complicated as it might not be good for a character exclusive item.) i had pictured as a smith table or something to be able to shapen weapons using competible materials. well like physical meterials like flint or nitre to fix physical crafteable weapons.

-Armory V2: some sort of storage unit thats could be mounted on a wall. 5-6 single lined slot for storing exclusively weapons.


lemme know ur thought about this. :)


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