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  1. Potato cup: cringe but a lil'bit funny , funny but cringe for me anyway
  2. Since the forest and cave is in 2 separated server and the klei's way to divide 2 separated map sistem is add the entrance form forest to cave. here inspired by the sunken cave idea i had another proposal for realising the continuity of the area effect beside of an entrance: Sunken bio. it is like a lake area spawn in main land but has only half of the lake is showed. and the other half of the lake underground need a grassboat to access. (to spawn in cave map with a grassboat) i made a 3d model to illustrate my idea and the lake visual could be similar to the "island lagoon" mod in steam. Thus the player can go in to the sunken cave within the other half of lake inside cave server.
  3. the telefail make my day ahahahhahaah good work chad
  4. adding fuction to the blue one and manually swithing fuction is bit of a macro handwork considering while doing so u still need lowering anchor / heaving up sail ecc. so id agree on this idea but i guess its must be in line with the magnet in dock or even a blue/greenish neutral magnet much like the big red one and work just as a repeller just stop any boat equipped the red magnet in range.
  5. I dont know if this could be too much to ask but would be intresting if those magnets can switch direction thus cause them go opppsite direction. so we could have a magnetic bumper to stop boat collided to docks, etc.
  6. green gem...when u found them, their fate has already been written
  7. no doubt about new item skin pack. there must be something for our eyes.
  8. i wonder if multiple magnets built on a same boat would increase its speed or not
  9. i hope i dont need to carry statues on boat just for cheesing those damn monkeys \ (wanda main here)
  10. id like the idea of a shelf much like chest for dried ingredients. such as spices and dried forget-me-lots and others
  11. you had already told what i had in mind XD
  12. wickbottom makes her own bookshelves! no more darn books on the ground!
  13. not necessarily to be a skin feature but a genaral one, as pumkin head summon canary so moondial summon a blue bird land on top of it could be a cute themed things