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Killing pearled Crab King cheap and easily with a single flingo

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I've always disliked using bees/sea weeds to cheese Crab King, since you need to go out of your way to collect them. I found out that with some good timing with the attacks, a single flingo can essentially stun-freeze pearled Crab King.

The fight is a bit more engaging than just using bees too, and using resources that you'd have already gotten most of the time.

PS. Turn on caption if you need more explanation for the fight.

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14 minutes ago, Well-met said:


what happens if you hit too fast?

In the 2nd phase, he unfreezes, summon claws and begins healing if you hit while flingo isn't firing. And the claws will keep spawning afterwards.
Quite the incentive to time your hits well :p

In a group/multiple ppl settings, I think it'd be much harder for everyone to coordinate and time their hits well. The flingo will still be very useful however, canceling the geyser and freezing attack for free, so everyone can just spam attack and kill it quicker. I'd suggest building it in the middle of the boat so the claws won't destroy it.

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