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Im playing DST on xbox one

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So i start my world that's on 3000 and it loads for about 30 seconds and then stops loading, the server starts but im stuck on a loading screen and if i invite someone they can join and move around and play normally but I'm still stuck on the frozen loading screen my character just stands there I've even waited a hole hour to see if i had to wait it out. Does anyone know how to fix it or having the same problem I need help and would like to play on my main world. 


This also seems to happen every big update. 

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I have a odd question- but the people who join your world.. do you know if those people are playing on an Xbox One, Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X?

The reason I ask is because the game loads very very fast on the newer consoles, you can literally load into a world and be doing things for a full minute or two before the people on last Gen Xbox’s can even load.

But it shouldn’t take an Entire Hour.. so maybe try sending your game files to Klei for Inspection- you can do this In- Game through the In-Game Bug Report feature.. they’ll be able to actually look at your world/saves and determine what your exact issue is.

Personally I never play worlds past day 300-500 because it gets hella laggy and unplayable too much further beyond that- and that’s even on Series S.

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