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We need better ways of transporting materials between planetoids in the early game

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As much as this DLC is about having multiple planetoids, I only bother with smash and grabs. It's only late game when you can have a multiple planetoid economy and by that point, you may not even need the resources on other planetoids anymore.


We need better ways of transporting materials between planetoids in the early game.

  • A version of the launcher should probably be accessible in the early game. There should be an un-spoilable food source other than berry sludge.  
  • Grubfruit Preserve and Pickled Meal should not spoil.
  • The starting engines should support more modules.
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I was thinking teleporters were more than enough for the start. :) Some players even play without them at all.

Personally I think adding more automation to early game would make late game be gone. Who would build launchers if they could just use a cheap catapult and what would be the point of getting the hydrogen or radbolt engine and building all infrastructure required for these to work if you could just transport all your stuff effortlessly with co2 or steam as fuel? Doesn't seem like a good idea to me. Same goes for making lower tier food not spoil - I don't think a lot of people would go past a meal lice farm if they could preserve it forever.

Just some friendly tips:

You can uncheck Nutrient Bars, Hexalent Fruits, Muckroots and/or Swamp Chard Hearts in the food management window and store them for your space travels. Or just store them in the fridge with restricted access inside the rocket and only allow use in space. You can get more of these foods from the Printing Pod. You can also fill the Spacefarer Module with some spare critters from your ranches and have fresh meat onboard with you in case your dupes run out of fresh food. Good luck.

Edit: It's probably also possible to make a freezer out of the spacefarer module and keep the food fresh this way.

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