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My thoughts on the combat beta

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I had a really good time testing out the game. I was really impressed with how beautiful the game looks, the art style is so unique just like the majority of the games you guys created. I also had a lot of fun playing, even though I'm not the best at it. I didn't had the opportunity to fight against Bandikoot because I always died right after I beat Floracrane lol But even dying a lot of times I had plenty of fun, I just wish we could somehow keep a fraction of the Konjur we got from the previous run we lost, for example, in Rogue Legacy 2 when you start a new run Charon keeps a low % of the gold you got on the previous run so you can use later. I think it would be a nice addition to the game, especially if we get a new NPC like a piggy banker who keeps it and we can increase the amount of Konjur we get to keep with improvements like getting him some materials etc, or maybe he could keep a % of our Konjur for every 2 new runs then the our bank account would go to 0 again, but thats just a thought :smile: Now about the combat, I really liked every weapon except the Bazooka, it's probably because i'm a noob, but not being able to dodge with shift like the other weapons threw me off a lot, I also found the recharge animation quite longe and not exactly intuitive having to press 2 keys to complete the animation, but I'm sure there are people who can master this weapon, that's just my personal take. I really enjoyed the spear but I think it's a little bit too easy to get big combos with it and it kinda made some of the shield skills really really strong, like that one where you have to hit 10 light attacks to get a fraction of the shield, it makes Mother Treek almost too easy. Overall I really loved the game, and even tough I'm 100% hyped and excited to play on launch day with my friends, I hope you guys take whatever time you need to keep working on the game, I think this beta was a great way to introduce us your game and a great way to maintain our hype since the first time you guys released the trailer last year. As always, thank you Klei for your hard work :love_heart: 

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