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The mod upload tool needs to add a search or sorting function

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I know most players don’t care about this feature because they have fewer mods and can easily slide the page to find the mod they want to modify. I used to think so too until I uploaded 50 mods, until I uploaded 100 mods. I found that when I wanted to update one of them, it was so difficult to find it, and I had no better way to speed up the process. I can only look for the mod I want among a pile of mods, which is not user-friendly. On the contrary, if a time sorting could be added, I could quickly update old mods or update the latest mods. If a search box could be added, I could directly enter the mod name and find the mod I want to update. But as I said before, this feature is not so urgent because few people use it. But I still hope that updating mods can be more convenient and faster.

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Oh hi - was just thinking about this as I fired up ONI today...I'm currently using the "Mod Manager" from the Steam Workshop:


I had seen a notification that a mod was uninstalled (which I wasn't using anyways), and was able to quickly search for it with the built-in filter.

I actually can't remember what the default mods screen looks like, as this particular mod has been kept up to date with the ONI releases - I'm assuming that you're looking at the default "Mods" screen.

Hope this helps!

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