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Opinion on creating modding tutorial videos.

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Recently I've been thinking about creating some videos about DST modding. Now that the summer break is here I feel like I could really put in the work for something like this. The lack of video guides was always something that was weird to me especially with a modding this big (maybe not on the level of Minecraft or something but still). My question is: Would that even be necessary? There is plenty of modding support on the forums already, even from Klei themself, and I feel like there isn't anything new that I could provide except just present the information in a video format. What are your opinions?

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Would love to see some! Some tutorials on this forum are kinda outdated and a lot of things don't have a tutorial yet so new tutorials are always good.

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The first video is up. Took long enough. The next ones shouldn't take as long. I've also created a thread on the tutorials section where I'll be posting all of the videos for easy access.


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