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Separate insanity volume ambiance from the ambiance sound volume setting

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I don't want to have to disable ALL my ambiance sounds just to not hear the constant annoying whispering and murmuring and other migraine inducing insanity sounds.

Please, separate the sounds so players can lower or mute the insanity sounds if they wish to, thank you.

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I'd definitely appreciate an in-depth sounds options page. I don't know why it had to happen and I don't know why there's not an option to switch back, but the sound balances in Don't Starve Together are quite flat compared to the richness of base Don't Starve's audio.

I just fired up DS on the three platforms I have it on. Steam is fairly shallow, Switch has a fuller sound, and the Wii U has this rich echo effect that really drives home the "middle of nowhere" vibe. It'd really be a treat for the ears if DST had the same kind of sound output as the Wii U version, though I can't ignore that the recently updated sound effects in DST are an entirely welcome addition. Point is, if players had the freedom to tinker with the sound properties of every little piece of audio that Don't Starve Together has to offer, well, for one it'd probably be a can of worms most people wouldn't want anything to do with =P but on the other hand, those that do could pioneer some really great sound setups that others could benefit from copying. I think it's an area in DST that could use a lot of improvement, and an options menu would be a way to do that without risk of alienating anybody at all.

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