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better temperature overlay

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Add an option to customise boundarys, such as either allowing the temperature to pick an element, eg for ice/water/steam itll show blue for anything below -10°c, and get lighter toward green as it becomes a liquid and more red as it reaches a gas, and/or allow the molten and freezing temperatures to be set, ie. You can set the upper range to 250°c and anything above that will be red and will go more green then blue till the lower range, like how thermal cameras work

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Custom ranges would be nice.

As for state changes, this is already in the game. In the temperature overlay, select “State Change”. Gasses (and liquids) close to changing to liquids (or solid) are colored blue. Solids (and liquids) close to changing to liquids (or gasses) are colored red. This a great way to see if things are about to melt or boil or the reverse.

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