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[Game Update] - 111480

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Update (Xbox - released June 22, 2023)

  • Fixed an issue where players could keep taking miasma damage after leaving the caves if they were taking damage while using the exit.
  • Fixed controller support for the offerings to enable Rifts.
  • Dread Mite damage can now be blocked by Bone Armor.
  • Cleaned up and brought back all the jumping animations where hats pop off the head for a few frames (except when wearing a full head covering like Void Cowl).
  • Improved Nitre Formations mining actions.
  • Fixed bug where Dreadstone Stacks could be broken in ways not using stronger tools.
  • Fixed bug with Ryftstals sometimes not being removed when the Rift closes.
  • Fixed bug with multiple Grainy Transmissions persisting in a world.
  • Fixed bugs where the head symbols can be dislocated during some animations when wearing Void Cowl.
  • Fixed Warly's Shadow Jacket's upper arm missing and skin tone variants added.
  • Fixed Wortox's Shadow Torso having hands.
  • Fixed Walter's Triumphant skin set having a small shift in skin tone.
  • Fixed Walter's Crooked Cap missing an inventory icon.
  • Fixed Walter's Shadow Shirt forcing one set of arms.
  • Fixed Wolfgang's Moonbound skin having spillover artwork around its border.

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