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[spoiler] How to produce hidden weapon effects / 隠された武器効果の出し方

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I witnessed a youtuber unleashing an attack that I had never seen before.
I verified it myself and found out how it occurs, so I am posting it here.

How to perform the technique: press the special attack button (Default:L-Shift) at the specific timing of the heavy attack occurrence.
The specific timing I can explain is as follows
Heavy Attack -> roughly the apex of the jump
L>L>H(hold) -> somewhere before the 3rd step hits & when it hits (2 judgments exist, each occurs)
Golf Swing -> I know it happens, but I don't know because it's too difficult to begin with.

Thit video is of LLHhold occurring twice.




Heavy Attack -> 大体ジャンプの頂点
L>L>H(hold) -> 3段目が当たる前のどこか&当たった時(2回判定が存在してそれぞれ発生します)
Golf Swing -> 発生することはわかっていますがそもそもが難しいのでわかりません




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