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I can't claim my drop Twitch

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Hi everyone.  I really need your help, I can't claim my drops on Twitch, I don't know why and how to fix it. I linked my steam account with Twitch, i watched the stream and finished 3 drops then I saw the notification that i could claim my drops. I clicked then it said "claimed", but when I play DST, i didn't see any drops. 

Screenshot 2023-06-21 165357.png

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Hello @kimau113, welcome to the forums. Can you log in to your klei account here? ► Klei Account - Transactions

If you've properly claimed the item, it should reflect there at the very least. Also make sure that in Twitch Settings > Connections > Other Connections > Klei Entertainment should also exist there.

If you confirmed that in the transaction exists in your Klei Account, but still not seeing it in-game appear UPON game start up (the Twitch Drops appear the same way our Daily Login Drops do). Make sure your Twitch account is connected to the correct Klei Account, to confirm this check ► Klei Account - Info. There should be a Twitch Account Number there that is a link and upon clicking it should open to the Twitch Account.

If you suspect any possibly Klei side issues, then check ► Klei Server Status (kleientertainment.com), if there are actual issues from Klei's side, it should reflect here.

For further workarounds, I suggest working through this Klei Support Article. ► Earned Twitch Drops are not showing up in Don't Starve Together – Klei Entertainment

Aside from that, if I can think of any other possible workarounds, I will let you know. I hope that helps for now at least. Cheers.

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Thanks a lot for your help my friend, I finally got my drops. I actually had watched the three drops recently but i didn't get any of them. Now I have all three of the simultaneously. Thank you so much ^^

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