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Anyway to change character at this stage?

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Maybe I've missed something really obvious - but I can't find anyway to change my character at this stage. I'd like to try out the other two roles.

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Hello @RisK, welcome to the forums. As far as I can tell, the only way for us to change characters is to reset the gameplay data. Open Options and under Other > Reset Gameplay Progress. To completely start over. We might have better options in the future, but this seems like what you are looking for in the current build. I hope that helps, cheers!

EDIT: For disclosure, I haven't completed demo yet in the time I've been able to play so far. But if you are already at endgame of the current build and still not shown a way to change characters (naturally) then probably resetting gameplay progress probably is the only option, right now.

Also from the looks of it, the other characters we can select from in the start are just purely cosmetic differences right now and have no gameplay differences.

Here is the devs answering the question about character customization in the last Rotwood Gameplay stream on Twitch:


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