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Small bug to start with

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I have really been enjoying the combat test, it has run remarkably well as far as playtests I have done go.

With that preface, it took me a while to find a nitpick worth posting about, and I simply ran into a "Press A to select a power" prompt that persisted after use.

The only factors to note are:
-It was a normal tier power up in a standard power room.
-I was playing on controller, hence the A prompt
-As far as I know I had no buffered inputs (button presses that were cancelled/delayed by opening a menu) during the power select menu
-The power selection worked entirely normally, the prompt simply froze there after the selection process.
-This was Rotwood Forest: Frenzy 1.

Select Power still on screen.png

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Hey @SeLunais, welcome to the forums. Thank you for the report! This is unfortunately the wrong section for it. To make it easier for the devs to keep track of issues with the game. please add your report to the Klei Bug Tracker for Rotwood.


  • Open link ► https://forums.kleientertainment.com/klei-bug-tracker/rotwood-playtest/ 
  • Click Add Bug top right
  • Add Details
  • Add log files: In game, open settings > Click Other > Click Open Game Save Directory
  • In Windows Folder that opens in background, click back OR in the address bar delete "\saves" at the end  OR press Alt + Up Arrow
  • Copy client_log.txt
  • Add screens shots (if any)
  • Add reply data in .txt format or in post (if any)
  • In Steps to Reproduce, explain what you were doing right before it crashed

Since the Bug Tracker is a unique system from the forums section, you would have to resubmit this as a bug report instead. Thank you for reporting, cheers!

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