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Initial thoughts

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Hello, thanks again for the key.

I thought of Tunche when first seeing the title and I got curious of what your take would be on that.
Turns out, pretty damn good.

Now normally I wouldn't bother, since I have seen way too many rouglikes and Noita has left me scarred for life, but I like beat-em-ups, which this game seems to have.

The combos are real nice. Especially the dodge + back attacks. It really feels awesome when I throw a striker ball, then roll making a spin kick back at the enemy. Though the balls make it very chaotic. Often times I see the balls bounce on their own killing enemies with little input. Also there are rare occassions where a ball will get stuck out-of-bounds. From what I've seen I'm not the only one who has experienced it.

The cannon feels... weird. honestly not something I will probably play in the future given how I need to be reloaded to do anything. And God help you if you switch your ability from your only means of melee attack. Maybe it will feel better in multiplayer.

The spear is awesome. The drill attack, combo finisher and the bonus damage for attacking with the tip, and also those lunges and that knockdown push. This might be my main weapon in the future. Though the alternative skill for pole-vaulting is kinda bad... I've made a suggestion for it on the forums.

The hammer is alright. I get the feel like it's meant for hitting groups, though it's hard to smack a group of enemies without getting hit yourself. The golf swipe is really cool though.

Combat aside, the art and animations are really nice. It must have taken a lot of time to draw all these armors and animations for all of those attacks. Huge props to the artists and animators.


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