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function GetCurrentLocale()
    local locale = nil
    if Platform.IsRail() then
        local lang_id = LANGUAGE.CHINESE_S_RAIL
        locale =  LOC.GetLocale(lang_id)
	elseif Platform.IsConsole() or Platform.IsSteam() then
        -- local lang_id = Profile:GetLanguageID()
        local lang_id = LANGUAGE.CHINESE_S
        locale =  LOC.GetLocale(lang_id)

    return locale

Also need change some source code in \Rotwood Playtest\data\scripts\languages\language.lua

first comment line: local lang_id = Profile:GetLanguageID()

then add new line below: local lang_id = LANGUAGE.CHINESE_S

change any language you need.

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add in loc.lua

{id = LANGUAGE.ENGLISH, alt_id = nil, strings = "u_po_file.po", code = "en", scale = 1.0, in_steam_menu = true,  in_console_menu = true,  shrink_to_fit_word = true },


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