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Hello @slavagaruru, welcome to the forums. Thank you for the report! This has been reported a few times before and some people have figured out a workaround for it in the replies/comments of this report. ► 

With the following instructions (if I understand them correctly):

  • On Steam Games Library, right click Rotwood
  • Click Properties
  • In General Tab > Launch Options add the following text
  • -persistent_storage_root c:DontStarveTogether
  • 752696462_rotwoodsettings.thumb.PNG.f3ed90480520e1d9a64c17aa7bfe519d.PNG
  • You can probably replace DontStarveTogether with anything. e.g. "c:Rotwood"
  • But make sure a folder called "Rotwood" exists in Drive C.
  • OR replace "c:DontStarveTogether" to an existing folder location on your PC with a path that has english characters.
  • Close Settings
  • Start Game

For disclosure, I haven't experienced this issue so some parts of the instructions above might be unnecessary. For future bugs and issues and to make it easier for the devs to keep track of issues with the game. please add your report to the Klei Bug Tracker for Rotwood next time.


  • Open link ► https://forums.kleientertainment.com/klei-bug-tracker/rotwood-playtest/ 
  • Click Add Bug top right
  • Add Details
  • Add log files: In game, open settings > Click Other > Click Open Game Save Directory
  • In Windows Folder that opens in background, click back OR in the address bar delete "\saves" at the end  OR press Alt + Up Arrow
  • Copy client_log.txt
  • Add screens shots (if any)
  • Add reply data in .txt format or in post (if any)
  • In Steps to Reproduce, explain what you were doing right before it crashed

Since the Bug Tracker is a unique system from the forums section, you would have to resubmit this as a bug report instead. Thank you for reporting, cheers!

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