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Thoughts from totally blind player

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Let me introduce myself a bit. :)

I am totally blind (sightless) drummer, singer, audio engineer, voice
actor and accessibility consultant. I am working with game developers
and modders to improve accessibility for the blind players.

I was working on accessibility for games like:
-Hades - First ever fully playable roguelike game for the blind due to
the mods created:

-Slay The Spire - First fully accessible roguelike deck-building game
thanks to it's modding system (the devs rejected working on the
accessibility so We, blind gamers decided to create the mods):

Lastly, I was working with French developer COWCATGames on BROK: The InvestiGator -
First and only one fully blind accessible point-and-click adventure
game with beat em up elements:

I've tested the game for a while and I am loving it so far! The details put in to the audio design are just simply amazing. That's so great I can hear portal and audio cues when I am stepping on something I can interact with like NPCs.
Keep in mind I am playing using audio only without any sighted assistance so no idea if I am missing something or not. If there are any breakables or other items in the dungeons I can pick up like potions I want to know about that. I know this is the early combat focused playtest but if you can add some audio cues for other stuff around that will help a LOT!
Klei is always doing excellent audio design and I am impressed again! Finally the game I can play while blind and the last one from the studio was Shank years ago. :)
I am wondering if there's a chance to have this one accessible for totally blind players.  If possible I can assist you with my experience as a gamer and consultant. :)

I hope you will like this and consider making the game completely accessible for fully blind players!

If you'll have any questions feel free to ask. I am open for discussion. :)
Thank you for reading this long post! :)

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Thank you @dansorce


I am loving the game so far but more sounds will help me with navigating the game fully. If there are any choices for the rooms you can choose during the run that would be nice to have the sounds for that too to indicate the all possible exits.

Of course the game needs screen readers implememtation to read the menus / choices / story events etc but that can come later when the gameplay will be fully accessible. :)

Please let me know when there will be update regarding the game audio and I'll be more than happy to test and send my feedback! :)

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  • Developer

Hey @Thelain since your super helpful we'd love your feed back on some questions we have on how to make it even better for you.
Luca and I are super keen on adding more sound (cause we're sound designers), so your input is crucial.

My first question is, how do you know you've reached the edge of a dungeon room?

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  • Developer

Hey Thelain, I'm Luca, the other sound designer on Rotwood. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with navigating the game by sound, it's really touching. You've inspired me to be more thoughtful and to work towards making Rotwood beatable by players like yourself. Thanks for linking all those mods as well, they're a really useful jumping off points.

Like @dansorce mentioned, we've got some more questions!

When we do a networked co-op game, I'm thinking to slightly turn down the attack and power sounds of all the remote players so that 'your' sounds are still the most prominent, and you get as much clarity and feedback as possible. Would it be useful to you to have an option to mute the sounds coming from other players entirely so that you can focus on the sounds of the battlefield?


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Thank you so much for your interest in the accessibility! That means a lot for me and other blind people! :)


Regarding your questions:

Usually I know there's the edneg of the room just because I can't no longer hear any footsteps sounds. You can implement some extra sound when I am hitting the edge.



Fantastic idea with sounds of other players! You can add slider so you can set the volume of your liking to the others.



As far as I can see you're using your custom engine so implementing TOLK will be great idea. This is the library to add screen readers to your game. It will be so useful for us to read games text as for now it's totally inpossible.



PS. SOrry for not elegant way of writing the posts here and not tagging you correctly. The accessibility of the forums here is not really good. :)

You can message me on Discord if that's the option. Posting here is working of course but not perfect. :)


Thank you again for your hard work!


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