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being able to attack in 4 directions instead of 2?

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ok so  i tried the play test for the first time today and the first thing that kinda happens to draw my attention to was that the game only let me attack to left and right and if i try other directions it just goes right but move upward a bit since the game is kinda rendered in 2d yet we have a sense of perspective it is really hard to play and dodge easily.

I have played loads of rougelike and rougelites but this one is the first one that the camera is 2d while we have perspective causing it hard to attack enemies that are coming at me from top and bottom.


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I also share this sentiment as well.

The game is certainly playable as it is, but it does feel weird at times since there aren't many AoE attacks that are in a circle, like for when you get swarmed (at least for the hammer, as that's what I've been using primarily).

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More 360 attacks would be very much appreciated.

A new weapon thats a flail could be really fun. You could possibly make it so you can spin it around you by swirling your mouse around and holding M1.

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