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Atmosferic and terraforming mechanics

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I watched a video about lighting and I was like oh ****....

I think the top of the map can be improved by having atmospheric conditions. Like wind, natural radiation shield, lightning, rain, seasons.

You worked with the terraria team... you are more than capable of making some parallax effects or burrow some don't starve wind mechanics. 

It would bring life to the oni maps, to see snowing, wind or lightning at the top of the map. Of course not all maps should have these mechanics and here you can add a new tab! Terraforming, where you invent some items and more vegetation that can produce oxygen.

Just an idea... but top map isn't that great, bunker doors and dry walls it takes out the fun in mid game, I would like my bunker doors to protect something more than infrastructure.

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It would be cool to have a proper atmosphere on some planetoids. It would mean infinite gas of whatever the kind the planetoid has but if it`s low pressure that wouldn`t be unbalanced. It would hinder solar as well so wind power wouldn`t sound that bad. Also lightning means storms and storms mean rain. That`s extra water you`d need to deal with. Also desert planetoids could have sandstorms dropping sand piles randomly and volcanic ones could have sulfur rain. A lot of possibilities here.

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