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Two Errors That Crashed Game So Far

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So I know there is in game bug reporting but unfortunately these errors stopped that from working. The first error I had was when I tried to speak to the armorer in the camp, image.thumb.png.86ce571577c38a4389a69d532788586e.png

The second one was when I tried to refill my potions in the first dungeon,image.thumb.png.aadcb9667f5718117a8237b92722d02f.png

I did try to restart the level but whenever I clicked that button it crashed instead, surprisingly the game did save my progress, it seems as if it counted each crash as a lost run instead which is nice. If there is a different area this should be posted please let me know and I will do so accordingly.

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Hello @zSly, welcome to the forums. If the in-game bug reporting doesn't work. You can send your files to the bug tracker manually:

Thank you for reporting bugs. I hope this helps, cheers.

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