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Don't Starve Together Patch 2.71 - 06/15/2023 (PlayStation)
Something sinister is seeping to the surface, and new horrors have taken up residence in the dark. Will our Survivors be able to band together to push back the encroaching darkness, or are the cracks in their resolve already starting to show?

What's New?

  • New Features
    • Dark Miasma will spew from Shadow rifts opened by defeating the Ancient Fuelweaver or by server settings.
    • New shadow thralls will emerge from the Miasma bringing new materials to craft new “Horrible” tools and gear.
    • Start of a new Scrapbook feature.

Streaming Drops

twitchitem (2).png

We're offering a new set of streaming drops over on Twitch.tv. Check out this post for details.

New Skins!


Complete Triumphant Chest ($15.99usd)
This Complete Triumphant Chest contains the complete Triumphant series of survivor skins.

Moon vs. Shadow Chest ($9.99usd)
This Moon vs. Shadow Chest contains Winona, Wigfrid, and Wolfgang's Moonbound skin items, and Wortox, Walter, and Warly's Triumphant skin items.

Rhymes with Play!


And more!

We've also turned on the Midsummer Cawnival and we've got a special item added to Klei Rewards, here's some points so you can grab that, if you want it. This post is massive, so I am keeping it simple. This is not the end of our series of "From Beyond" updates! (Yes, that's right. It's not over yet, don't worry. Things are looking pretty bleak for our survivors. Maybe you should worry.)

Have fun, and be sure to check out our original forum post for more information on what's happening during this year's Klei Fest!

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