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Ability to duplicate worlds on console or?

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I fell asleep while playing on console, and so my 203 day world is gone. :( (This isn’t the first time for me.) Can console players get the ability to dupe their worlds or maybe get kicked if AFK for too long or be required to hit a confirmation button at the end of a count down so we can have a chance to save our worlds? I guess the last option would maybe take away from the stress by design of scrambling for a way to revive but I’m just…tired…of losing the worlds I’ve invested so much time in and as a working adult I do not have much of it anymore D:

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if youre on playstation you can upload your save on.... I think they call it the cloud? Its set to auto upload everytime you manually turn on your console (not from rest)  so you might even be able to see if its saved a recent copy of ypur world there.

If youre not paying for online a usb will also work. Im sure xbox has a similer system. No idea on switch

I back mine up every time i start and stop playing. Saved me plenty of grief.

Lastly, there are settings you can apply to your world to get rid of the respawn timer

Hope this helps

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