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Colony Reports:Useless resource hog?

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Colony reports are often seen as one of the main reasons why people have to usually abandon their bases as they get into late cycle numbers. Colony reports are believed to cause increased save time, which can last as long as up-to 5 minutes per save. For those who have not messed with settings to turn down the auto-save frequency from saving EVERY cycle, this can make the game completely unplayable. 

Colony reports are mostly a redundant feature now, and they have received little to no development attention in past few years. In Spaced:Out, colony report does not show separate statistics for each colony, making it almost completely useless. Yet, they continue to make for poor save time.

As people debate the multi-core vs. single core, a much more complex problem to solve, they forget about the very high default auto-save frequency and the colony reports as one of the main reasons behind poor game-play experience.

One wonders, how does saving few kilobytes of data add so much to save time. Should they be optimized, or gotten rid of entirely now that we have the diagnostics system?

PS- I cannot say for sure that colony reports cause the massive save time, but it is what I have heard being said around.

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