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I would like to see ranged weapon against recent threats that is much more reliable than Brightshade Staff which rarely is enough to defeat a cluster of 3 brightshades (usually you need to spend at least two staves).

Darts with planar component to it would be good choice for next ranged weapon 

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maybe they could even add an aoe to this item, with it being crafted at the brightsmithy, a bomb perhaps? of course it'd have to be expensive with an infused shard required to make this ranged 200 planar damage bomb. 

we could even call it the brightshade bomb! :wilson_wink:

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@lenship2 sadly they are too different from each other.
darts are target based weapon, bombs area based and they have delay (need to take in consideration where the enemy moves)
darts damage only the target, bombs destroy everything around the target

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