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The idea of super earthquakes

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Continuing the topic of recent changes, which seemed to many quiet controversial, I would like to suggest my replacement for the boulders - super earthquakes. Super earthquakes would be :

  • Stronger versions of normal earthquakes that will last longer with more falling rocks including boulders.
  • Occur only at the last stage of the rift, replacing the normal earthquakes.
  • Have a warning similar to volcanic eruptions in SW, giving the player more than enough time to prepare.

This mechanic would have a lot of advantages :

Firstly, in comparison with the current state a challenge appears, which is simply not there at the moment.
Secondly, there is no random destruction of the base, a long warning will allow the player to leave the base in time.
Thirdly, the tedious aspect is removed. Super earthquakes will occur only at the last stage of the portal, which significantly reduces the number of falling boulders that the player must then remove.

It seems to me that this change would allow to satisfy most of the community by adding an interesting but not tedious challenge with which the player can actually interact, not just meaningless boulders that have to be mined every few days.

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