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Scrapbook Changes

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Scrapbooks still pretty new so I imagine some of these may be in progress and yet to be implemented, figured I'd list suggestions anyways.

More Tabs -
Namely a separate tab for food / edible items, one for equipment, and one that displays them all together.

Read All Option -
Basically mark all as read, that way you don't have to go through to check off everything in the scrapbook the second you enter a new area.

Display Phases -
Bosses like Celestial Champion will only display their 1st phase and 1st phase stats, I'd like the option to cycle through the phases to view them individually.

Hostility Tags -
Mobs and Bosses in the scrapbook will tell you if they're passive, neutral, or hostile

Biome Display -
New tab for Biomes, has a picture of what the biome looks like, as you discover them it displays what you can typically encounter in each biome, and if they're on the surface, caves, or in the ocean. Materials specific to certain biomes will have "Can be found in x" in their description.


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