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Scrapbook is a DST achievement update.

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With the addition of the Scrapbook, DST seems to shift the game's focus from being open-ended to catering more to casual gaming experiences through an in-game achievement system, whether intentional or not.

However, if it is intended, the system falls short compared to others. In the early stages, the Scrapbook is often overly simplistic, with notifications like "make an axe" steam achievement appearing countless times, which becomes repetitive and redundant since players can already understand these tasks from visual cues. As a result, some players will inevitably ignore the Scrapbook, causing them to miss out on needed details. There is also a significant overlap between the information provided by the Scrapbook and existing systems like cookbooks and the gardener hat. To make matters worse, the Scrapbook fails to offer crucial information, leaving new players with no choice but to search for spoilers if they want to progress in the game and face end-game bosses, such as the Ancient Fuelweaver questline.

Vexedly, the Scrapbook diminishes the game's immersion. A solution that is more immersive and enjoyable for both new and seasoned players would be to incorporate a bestiary system or a new player guide reminiscent of Wilson's field notes.

I reckon the scrapbook will remain as it is, with Klei potentially making changes or providing an option to disable the sounds after beta. It is interesting to see how the design direction evolves in the future at least.

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On 6/3/2023 at 9:37 PM, Dreadle said:

Wilson's field notes.

This was moreso what I was expecting when they mentioned the idea of it helping new players figure out the quests and whatnot in the stream.

Honestly, I wouldn't mind the current in-game wiki approach...if that's not all there's going to be to the scrapbook.

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