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Some unique late game item ideas for progression

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Engaging with late game content is currently not worthwhile. Few suggestion for new items to make it worth it.

  • Shadow Lamp / Lunar Lamp : Its a bit better than lantern , lasts like 25% longer for same fuel value and its strength is related to the Moon phase in overworld & nightmare phase in caves.Its radius can be upto 50% more than regular lantern.
  • Food recipe hardtack/ cave meal: Slows hunger rate when in water / boat by 25% has some average food item stats. Slows hunger by 25% in caves. Advanced crockpot : reduces cooking time by half
  • Structure recipes, lunar water mill (built on overworld) & shadow quarry (built in caves) : Allow allows refining in ratio 3:1 and 2:1 instead of boards 4:1 and cut stone 3:1 respectively.
  • Lunar teleporter/ Shadow teleporter item: Teleport to Celestial Portal/ Ancient gateway with a 1 day cooldown
  • Chester transformations with pure horror and pure brilliance
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