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I have an idea about acid rain

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I think the acid rain could drain durability of clothes (but not that much that i watched on stream, eyebrella just melts, i think draining durability 2 times faster is already enough punishment)

Continuing, here is the detail, acid rain shouldnt make players lose health, instead, acid start to gather in the ground as it rains, and it start forming acid lakes in the ground, the acid is so concentraded in these lakes, that they start emiting acid gas, walking near the lakes will damage you, and walking above the lake will deal even more damage.

You could counter acid rain by being far from acid lakes, but there could be a mask that protects you from the gas, or even a craftable item that can make you extinguish the acid lake, acid (low pH) needs something that have higher pH to neutralize (I can only think in ashes rn). So, an item made from ashes could extinguish the acid lake.

And to incentive players craft the mask or the item, strategic places in the caves should have a higher chance of forming acid lake XD

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