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My Blade is Legendary!!!

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The hood and cloak can buff Shadow Reaper, however the buff may last infinitely. To stack up the buff we need 3 hoods, attack 6 times with Hood A to max out the buff, then switch to Hood B and attack 1 time. Lastly, switch to Hood C and wait for 3 seconds, and the buff is now permanent on the Reaper. Repeating this with new hoods will stack more and more buff on the Reaper. 

These buffs will only disappear when the server restarts or the Reaper is packed into a bundle. 

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Heard a lot people wanted the new weapons to go past the 68 damage threshold, but never expected numbers this insane. Reminds me of the infinite health glitch WX had with the health circuits. 

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Yeah, I like when games have these stacking capabilities. This will of course be patched because it is unintended. But in some games you might just idly think to yourself that you can combine certain things and become super powerful. There’s this deck building game I played last year where you can get new cards to play on your round. You can also buff your other teammates (you have three on the team) to give them a chance to get another card to play. Then you can use that to use cards that buff your next attack. So you end up playing buff-next buff-next buff-next and you end up dealing enough damage to kill practically any enemy.

Hmm. Might have to try to sneak in a Crab King kill before they patch this.

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