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Klei, please consider remove the armor requirement for the new scythe's damage ramping mechanic

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The scythe is by far the coolest and most interesting item added in both rift updates, the damage ramping and utility for farming resources is awesome, but the fact the damage ramping is bound to the new void armor is such a let down. I understand you want to incentivize people to use the new armor, but the scythe would be much better off if the damage ramping was it's own unique thing.

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I agree, I think the new armour needs to be useful in a conventional way, just blocking a lot of damage, y'know?

or by... unique abilities


which kind of counts in this thing but I don't think it's fun when the interesting mechanic gets locked to all 3 of your equip slots being taken up by the same set, I dislike that personally

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