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Update 1.7.0 (Nintendo Switch - released May 29, 2023)

From Beyond: Taking Root

As the power struggle between the moon and shadows escalates, the pressure is mounting for our Survivors. Loyalties will be forged and tested as new rifts start to slowly expand...

New Features

  • Rifts spewing lunar energy will begin to open in the world, either by defeating the Celestial Champion or by server settings.
  • The first creatures to spew forth are very interested in gardening.
  • New and powerful equipment can be crafted from these extra-planar thralls, with the right crafting station.

This content is part of a 3 part set of content updates in the "From Beyond" arc and is available now on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

A hint at things to come
We also wanted to give you a little taste of the next update. If you don't want spoilers, don't click below and just move to the next section. I know it's tempting, but be strong - you can do it, I believe in you. 


This is a sample of the gear you will be able to acquire if you choose to take advantage of the powers that Charlie will bring into the world in the next update. 
I know, right?

Till next time friends, Thank you. And have fun out there!

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Today I've update to the latest update 1.7.0. The game crashes on splitscreen. I haven't played much and thought to update. This is the same in previous update. Is there a fix?

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